Application Security and DevSecOps

Our savoir-faire is in rolling out enterprise security solutions that align with the overall business strategy.

Web Application Security

We ensure that your business is secure from external vulnerabilities and breaches with secure app releases.

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Being the first to market with a product may be foremost in developer’s minds, which may not leave them enough time for vulnerability tests. We take the onus to ensure all-round security of the app before its release.
Encrypted data exchange is lightweight and ideal for mobile security. We implement continuous deployment and integration to address issues like attack prevention, detection, containment, and remediation.

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Mobile Application Security (Android and IOS)

Our pivotal expertise in mobile app security proactively monitors rogue apps. We enhance data security to a better degree of defense by solid encryption whenever data is transferred between any devices.

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We help eliminate delayed-release cycles caused by discovering numerous vulnerabilities during the development stage itself. We put in place identification, authentication, and authorization measures, and implement a robust mobile encryption policy.
Our USP is making devices “risk-aware” so that apps attempting to make certain transactions are blocked from doing so.

Web Services Security

A robust cyber structure rolled out by us at Successive ensures that company assets and the market reputation are protected.

Burp-Suite-Pro Burp-Suite-Pro
Nessus Nessus
Owasp-Zap Owasp-Zap

Security has become an indispensable requirement for computer systems, ensuring that access and information sharing occur without damaging the systems and that its information will not be exposed to malicious users. We adopt more proactive and adaptive approaches to cyber security to tackle inherited vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, denial of service, broken authentication and other such security issues.

Thick Client Based Apps

We mitigate risks associated with thick client applications. These include information disclosure, unauthorized access, authentication bypass, application crash, unauthorized execution of high privilege transactions or privilege escalation.

Traditional two-tier thick client applications are vulnerable to several attacks. As most authentication and authorization are also done at the client, this common practice paves the way for security breaches. We help you respond quickly to threats and bugs to provide a safer, more secure place for users to safeguard their loyalty (and your assets) for the future.

Core Security Principles at Successive


The confidential information/tools remain unknown to all those who are unauthorized to access the information.


We ensure that only authorized users can access, share, or alter the information through authorized procedures.


This technique is used to measure if the system can be used easily by the end users or not.


The information is accessible to authorized users whenever they need it.


Tracking who is accessing the systems and which of the requests were denied along with additional details


Resilience is to check the system can cope the attacks. This can be implemented using encryption, OTP etc.


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