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Application Security – Global Media Agency

Successive designed a Multi Tenant App for the world’s second largest media agency to serve multiple customers with one install of the application.

app security

Project Priorities

We had to make sure that app is bug free in limited time, we had to ensure onsite-offshore coordination so that we can’t miss any functionality, high level issues, when we found any security issue, we immediately shared those with product owners and development teams and we have made sure that high level issues have been resolved before the release.

A system that gets shared between tenants also makes change management riskier; a configuration change or an upgrade necessary for a single tenant might cause unwanted behavior for another tenant. The solution to manage this increased risk is more testing, gradual roll-outs, and making sure a change is always capable of being rolled back on a short notice.

Goals of the Project

Our Goal was to make sure that application is bug free. The application holds sensitive data of clients, and losing data means losing the trust, reputation and revenue loss for our organization.

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Global Leadership Agencies

1 Million+

Data points being captured over the customer journey.

$375 Billion

Global Advertising Spending

This Global Media Agency represents 70 of the world’s largest 100 advertisers and with many of them we have built long standing, established partnerships.
The spending on advertising worldwide has been increasing steadily and is expected to surpass $375 billion in 2020.


Application Security

What is different in this solution?

Multi-Tenancy Application

Multi tenant applications allow us to serve multiple clients with one install of the application. Each client has their data completely isolated in such an architecture. Each client is called a tenant.

Many Clients Using It

Apart from the software application, each Client also shares a multi-tenant database, which helps us in Manage and customizes the app according to the client’s needs and feasibility without actually altering the source code.

Data Maintenance

As for the data, each set of data is tagged as belonging to each client.

Security Maintenance

The software is pre-programmed to segregate and secure the data for each user.


Confidentiality is related to authentication and tenant account to be protected from attackers.


Guarding against improper information modification or destruction in the tenant, and includes ensuring information non repudiation and authenticity.

Challenges Faced

The challenge is data isolation. Because the data of different tenants is sitting side by side on the same systems, it is not impossible that one tenant gains access to data of another tenant, or that data is accidentally returned to the wrong tenant.

The key to mitigating this challenge is logical segregation at as many levels as possible. This requires an architecture that is tenant-aware from top to bottom.

High Level

Architecture Design

application security

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