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Emergency Runway

Using the emergency platform the pilots are able to view the emergency landing path near a certain radius. They can also view weather details such as wind speed and get other meaningful intel.

Challenges Faced

The major challenge we took and conquered was to enable hands-on testing of the application using simulators and creating life-like situations. The replication of real life situations helped in driving a better product.

This way, the application could be tested in scenarios where each small instant can make a huge life-altering difference. We implemented multithreading for maximizing performance in providing accurate and bolt-fast data.

We integrated terrain (land, sea, trees) considerations for calculations when showing the pilots locations where they can and can’t land safely in case of an emergency. Syncing of mobile and web application was one of the challenges for us that we took and resolved so precisely that we did the same at a better quality and speed.

Goals of the Project

The major goal of this application is to make sure “in case of an emergency”, the pilot must be able to locate and view the emergency runway and land safely to the nearest available landing zone. The lives at stake elevated the sense of urgency, accuracy, and real-time data processing needed.

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Emergency Runway

What is different in Emergency Runway?



In the web application, the pilot is able to load major ER before taking off the flight. We used split-screen functionality to divide the screen into two (top & bottom).

View all Emergency Runways

Pilots can see all the available emergency runways on the pre-downloaded map.

Alter Emergency Runways

Pilots can add, edit and remove the items from the list of emergency runway.

ER Review

There is an option available for pilots to review any emergency runway in the vicinity.

Project Priorities & Solutions

During the development of the application, one of our major priority was accurate and real-time data to match the pilot’s quick thinking. Whenever we are developing a solution to such a complex problem where human lives can be at stake, these factors (data accuracy and speed) can alter the situation in seconds or even in microseconds. We used multithreading in order to implement it so that we can achieve quick and correct data that is updated every second when the plane is air.

Such data includes wind speed, altitude, latitude & longitude, GPS and distance. Testing the application was another priority for us, now we could not possibly test the application in the actual plane carrying actual human beings, so we turned around towards simulators which allowed us to use Joysticks and tested the application to the limit by establishing UDP connections.

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