Enterprise App Development

When business meets IT, the result is innovation and better growth.


E-commerce management platforms are a transformation catalyst that turn your visitors to loyal customers with intuitive UI and seamless omnichannel experience.

Shopify Shopify
Big-Commerce Big-Commerce
Magento Magento

We are proficient in creating highly impactful e-commerce systems and e-commerce management portals. We equip the shopping portal with enterprise grade security and a list of appealing features. These include multiple payment options and simplified vendor/seller management amongst other additional features. From gaining critical user insights with our UX designers to developing omni-commerce platforms with our experts, we guarantee an enhanced product to deliver an unprecedented customer experience.

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Custom Software Development and SaaS

Is SaaS your style of delivering excellence through innovative products? Build a reliable and customizable system with Successive so you can get started quickly and leverage it as a growth catalyst.

NodeJS NodeJS
React-JS React-JS

Address growing integration complexities with well-defined database access that is GDPR compliant.
We provide white-label customization and enterprise solutions that allow rapid time to market, and are infinitely scalable. Strong technical skills complemented by innovative thinking helps us to deliver a suite of advantages for your business.

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Data Visualization

Transform your data into interactive charts and graphs so insight generation is quicker and visually appealing. Convert numbers and figures to actionable insights that facilitate quick and accurate decision making.

Chart-JS Chart-JS
Three-JS Three-JS

The world is generating about 2.5 exabytes of data every day. The analysis of such huge data sets poses a big problem. At Successive, our goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight. We have built significant capabilities to extract meaningful value from the data deluge and empower stakeholders to take profitable decisions based on these insights.

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Dashboard and Reporting

Break out of the traditional reporting mindset and adopt Intelligent Data Monitoring to dive deeper into your data and see more customized real-time results.

Material-UI Material-UI
React-JS React-JS
SHopify-Polaris SHopify-Polaris

If your reporting tool is still “batch” processing data, it’s high time to embrace change for the better. Leverage dynamic data feeds to track KPIs that are actually quintessential for your organizational growth.
Our Business Intelligence teams can help you improve management focus & decision-making, discover areas of improvement, identify novel business or revenue opportunities, and more.

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Search (Solr/Elastic)

Our custom search engine expertise facilitates real-time open-source full-text search servers. Elasticsearch is a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine whereas Solr powers navigation and search features for various internet sites in the world.

Apache-Solr Apache-Solr
Elastic-Search Elastic-Search

As data piles up, searching through it becomes a substantial back end challenge. This is where our search expertise facilities can be of help. If you’re looking for a REST-based scalable model for Adaptive Search, look no further.
Our team of specialized developers in Solr and ElasticSearch work with your internal teams to put your strategic plans into action and train your people with the right technology to provide your users with the most appropriate outcomes.

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Database Optimization

Regulate high volumes of data and build exceptional database applications with the help of our strategic database managed services.

Dynamo-DB Dynamo-DB
MongoDB MongoDB
Cassandra Cassandra

Access, Manage, and Modify! With enhanced capabilities like Data Integration from multiple sources, Management of Cloud-Based Databases, Data Security and more, it is our utmost priority to assist clients with database solutions befitting unique needs.
The database management service you choose will be one of the core resources your business depends on. We understand the enormous importance of such services and hence we emerge as a preferred partner to facilitate ease of database administration and enhanced scalability.

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Enterprise App Development and Strategy Process at Successive

Requirement Gathering

We gather the necessary business intel to understand the end objective of enterprise app and strategy.

Feature Listing and Estimation

Our Business Analysts carefully plan out the development lifecycle and come up with tangible milestones and timelines.

UI / UX Designing

Our team of UI/UX engineers enlivens your ideas with inspirational design concepts and superlative levels of craft and aesthetics.


In this step, a prototype is built, tested and then reworked as necessary until an acceptable outcome is achieved, from which the complete product can be developed.

Application Development

We are full-stack, end-to-end development partners of major Fortune 500 companies and startups that we support by implementing AGILE methodology to substantially decrease the time to market.

Deployment and Support

Don’t spend days waiting for releases, we build CI/CD pipelines for development and continuous deployment. We also support our clients post-deployment.


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