CRM / ERP / ECM / ETL Solutions

Incredible maturity and hands-on approach to developing custom and impactful solutions for managing customer engagement.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Engage with your customers, track your KPIs, or automate routine tasks, Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is a better way to manage multiple processes.

365-CRM 365-CRM
Saleforce Saleforce
Zoho Zoho

Successive offers end to end CRM solutions which encompass the whole suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Zoho and HubSpot with Customer Engagement capabilities, CRM consulting, guidance, insights based training to help our customers get the best out of their CRM.

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Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

In order to deliver the best-in-class services for your manufacturing, hotel, retail, apparel or banking business, you need a robust ERP software and Successive offers just that.

365-Finance 365-Finance
365-NAV 365-NAV

To help you achieve maximum ROI and take the most efficient route possible, we can help you determine whether Microsoft Dynamics AX(rebranded as Microsoft Dynamic 365 for finance and operations) or Microsoft Dynamics NAV(rebranded as Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central) is the best ERP solution for your organization. Trust our tech acumen and reap rich rewards in business.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Spread real-time, insightful information across your team to propel high impact productivity and on-field sales performance. The pre-validated access to data across the organization in a visually appealing manner drives better outcomes to KPIs like productivity and lead conversion.

Alfresco Alfresco
File-Net File-Net
Liferay-DXP Liferay-DXP

Our team of experts will work with you in delivering well-governed enterprise content management across all your automated business processes.
We can help you identify the right-fit solutions, streamline processes, and enable you to make decisions faster across multiple KRAs. These include mission-critical document management, records management, web content management, digital asset management, and business process management.

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CRM / ERP / ECM / ETL Development at Successive

Project Preparation

This phase focuses on the initial planning and preparation to set ASAP goals clarifying the scope of implementation, team establishment, and defining the sequence of project implementation.

Business Blueprint

The Business Blueprint is a detailed document containing all requirements derived during initial brainstorming and initiation meetings. The team revises its objectives and goals with defined milestones.


It’s focused on implementing all business process requirements. Project managers attain obtain sign-off from stakeholders. System configuration methodologies followed are Baseline and Final Configuration.


Once the final configuration is suggested, we move towards the development phase where we consider custom and standard integrations along with the necessary workflows.

Final Preparation

The final preparation involves testing, system management, cut over activities, end-user training, and everything required to go live to ensure that the organization is ready to use the new system.

Go Live and Support

This phase is the journey from a pre-production environment to a live project operation. The most critical elements in this phase are production support setup, monitoring system transactions, and optimizing system performance.


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