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Expert Witness Profiler


A comprehensive and financially viable background reporting system for the extensive study of an expert witness’s professional background. The Expert Witness Profiler was ideated by attorneys and expert witnesses who are leading authorities on expert witness research and realized by our team of technologists.

Problem Statement

The US Judicial Firm initially invested a lot of time in making the profile of an expert. It took 3-4 days to deliver ‘The Profile’ asked by the client. Moreover, the process was exhaustive and required a high amount of precision work for very long hours.

They wanted an indispensable tool to reduce the amount of manual work by decreasing the time taken to create a single profile and eliminate the tiring process of proofreading an unimaginable pool of documents.

Goals of the Project

We oriented ourselves to the objective of the client of expediting the process of profile witness research by harnessing digital leeway.

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Technologies Used


1.3 Million

Documents Scanned & Extracted for Deep Analysis


Increase in Business Growth


Increased Efficiency of Work

The use and development of the investigative tool colloquially known as expert profiling has steadily increased over the past five decades throughout the world. Coupled with this growth has been a diversification in the suggested range of applications for this technique powered by the advancements in technology.

Expert Witness Profiler

What’s different about Expert Witness Profiler?

Enabling experts to order profiles on themselves and competing experts so that they can be better prepared to handle surprise deposition questions, avoid pitfalls from opposing attorneys, and improve their utility as legal trial consultants.

Specially-trained Research Attorneys

All the research is performed by attorneys who are highly experienced and specially trained in expert witness research unlike other legal researchers who may perform expert witness research only on occasion.

Deep Data Analysis

Expert Witness Profiler subscribes to all major private legal research databases. In addition, it carefully analyses all public databases which most legal researchers might not even be aware of. This allows preparation of up-to-date reports using real-time data.

Discrepancy Dissolution

Deduplication of redundant information and disambiguation of common names was achieved.

Inference Resolution

A search bar that allows users to sift through snippets of different documents that contain the entered keyword.

Automatic Drawdown

Auto-extraction of data from private as well as public legal research databases and obscure databases that are insubstantial.

Material UI

Developed with a responsive material design that works flawlessly and hence, giving end users a premium experience.


The website offers a number of products ranging from preliminary screening to an exhaustive report on an expert.

Custom Evaluation

Create a customizable page of the Expert Witness similar to a Wikipedia page for displaying assessment in a simple, effortless way.

Project Priorities & Solutions

Named Entity Recognition (NER) labels sequences of words in a text that are names of things such as person and company names or gene and protein names. We used Stanford’s NER, a part of CoreNLP, which is a Java implementation of a Named Entity Recognizer.

It comes with well-engineered feature extractors for Named Entity Recognition and many more options for defining feature extractors.

Added functionalities were enabled to gain deeper insights about a profile eg. personal/disciplinary history and testimonial archives, challenge (Daubert/Frye) history.

Personal records were deeply analyzed to ensure accuracy while reporting on associations and memberships, educational/professional background, licensing and certifications, etc.

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