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Address Business Problems With Cloud Computing on Google Cloud


With Google Cloud you can maximize your VMs for any or all kinds of business needs along with this you can also expand your DevOps and continuous integrations on the cloud. Furthermore, Google cloud has exceptional features like pay as you use model, reliability, security and much more that can enhance your business productivity. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, Successive is there to help. We create complete, security-rich solutions that frames a new value to your business.

Optimize Google Cloud To Accelerate Digital Transformation With Successive

Successive and Google Cloud Platform

Successive offers end to end services and solutions for companies creating complex cloud solutions using GCP. Our deep technical expertise helps you open business opportunities by leveraging cloud infrastructure, data management, security, machine learning, data analytics etc.

Our Process

Cloud Assessment and Strategy

We proceed with identifying and drafting the existing business IT landscapes which includes various parameters like the technology, financial ROI, network performances, customer experience, security, software license & compliances and blueprint them to the required demands of the cloud environment.

Design and Implementation

Our team of skilled and expert cloud professionals will then design the architecture for the public cloud while concentrating on the essential business drivers ranging from the business expansion, cost reduction, platform scalability and IT virtualization for the reliability and decreased operational load.

Data Center to Cloud Migration

After the pre-migration ready assessment on the IT landscape, workload prioritization and the required processes for security, backup and Disaster Recovery (DR), we proceed with executing a quick migration procedure of the data center/applications to the cloud without intruding the live deployment.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Under Disaster Recovery (DR), the system streams incremental information consistently to provide nearly zero Recovery Point Object (RPO) with an operating and updated environment live within seconds of failure. This is achievable with minimal cost and effort.

Cloud Storage

Our Cloud Storage Services Platform is an amalgamation of the Public Cloud Storage with on-premises appliances, end-point software agents, and mobile apps in a unified, hybrid architecture. This delivers storage, high security and collaboration capabilities in a single, cost-effective solution.

Cloud Optimization and Automation

A balanced approach is required for an optimized performance which includes the existing Architecture, Business perspectives and performance expectations. Our skilled cloud experts seamlessly identifies the issues and rectify them by implementing architectures and innovative design practices.

Transform Digitally, Grow Exponentially

Our Experts will help you find innovative solutions to your business problems and increase efficiency.

Achieve Better Business Outcomes With Google Cloud

Google-Grade Security

Google has its advanced security model. It has versatile and skilled security experts that keep on updating and adding new features to the infrastructure that keeps Google more reliable and secure. Google Cloud Platform complies with top certifications, like ISO 27001, SOC 2/3, and PCI DSS 3.0.

Pay Per Usage

Google Cloud Platforms are considerably cheaper than any other cloud platform. The cost of your application hosting and management is reduced by 40% with Google Cloud Services. The applications on the cloud can automatically manage the scaling according to the workloads and traffic. This is what the Google cloud has for you “pay as per usage”.

Performance Monitor

Google’s cloud infrastructure is inclusive of a consistent & top performing CPU, memory and disk performance. With the rapid response feature of Google’s network and edge cache servers, users across the globe get seamless services with nearly zero latency.


The Kubernetes architecture helps in automatically scaling and managing your application up or down according to the amount of traffic and internet-scale workloads.

Hybrid Excellence

Google Cloud Platform is equipped with a plethora of technologies like MySQL database, Block storage, NoSQL datastore, Virtual machines, Managed platform, Blob storage or even Big Data analytics that servers your application architecture requirements.

Support and Assistance

Google provides a wide range of resources that helps your business grow. Google complies of a huge community of users worldwide, a receptive partner ecosystem and premium support packages.

Easy Management

GCP has the most friendly management features like logging, diagnostics, Monitoring, etc. Organizations can deploy their code, Google on behalf of the customers run it and scale it according to the demand.

Future Ready

Google Cloud Platform is a global, performance-oriented, cost-effective and highly secure cloud platform. The cloud gets routinely innovative and consistently updates with innovative features and modern tools to make GCP a future proof platform.


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