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We enable an unbeatable combination of technology and legal acumen.

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Lawyers have enjoyed a position of market dominance for ages. Hence, when new innovations do arise they usually react with skepticism at first.

At Successive, we excel in developing solutions that give momentum to all aspects of the legal practice. Lawyers and attorneys get added pace to everyday tasks with the help of digital solutions aimed at delivering total peace of mind, unrivalled accuracy, and phenomenal productivity.

Right from document management and IoT, to cloud data storage and AI-based legal research, there are a host of solutions that can power up your interaction with the jury, judge, and opposing counsel.

Law Domain

Stats of Legal Industry

Perform early case assessment to set strategy and enhance decision making.

Law Domain

Legal Tech solutions provided at Successive


Legal counseling that delivers exceptional outcomes for clients with the help of a digitally mature legal practice.

Content Management System

Get yourself comprehensive and complete solutions for localization, customization, and internal ownership of your documents for faster access and better sharing capabilities.

Customer Insights

Get a one-stop solution for design, development and deployment services to leverage shared delivery and ownership model with strategic control.

Applied Automation

Harness the power of automation to reduce operational costs while improving internal communication during the process.


Run calculations and scan through large sets of data exponentially faster than a human and provide your firm with augmented productivity.

Security and Compliance Initiatives

Drive information governance strategies that minimize risk and foster defensible dispositions.

Manage eDiscovery Activities

Gain visibility to facilitate discovery associated with litigation, investigations and regulations.


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