Media and Advertising Technology

The effective use of data based tools can power up marketing teams and amplify brand presence amongst your audience. 

Media and Advertisement Domain

The Challenges Faced by Media and Advertising

Digital Media has changed the face of advertising and brands can now reach millions of people easily. Media and Advertising has become an extremely complicated strategy driven field with lots of loosely held moving parts running together.

Remarketing has opened another dimension of marketing. Marketers and advertisers these days focus heavily on technical tools to strategize, implement and test their marketing activities. The spending on advertising worldwide has been increasing steadily and is expected to surpass $375 billion in 2020.

Successive has been working with some of the largest media and advertising companies to build intelligent tools and marketing ecosystems for B2B and B2C marketing use.

Media and Advertisement Domain

Stats of Media and Advertising Industry

Exciting Numbers In Media and Advertising

Media and Advertisement Domain

Media and Advertising Technology Expertise At Successive

At Successive, we have proven expertise in building enterprise-grade marketing tools that brings your brand closer to your customers.


Audience Tracking Tools

See what your audience interacts with online and what are the best platforms to reach out to them for maximum efficacy.

Topic Clustering Tools

Find out what topics are trending on the internet related to your product or service and strategize your marketing campaigns by leveraging sapient insights.

Retargeting and Remarketing Software

Organically link all your content online and retarget visitors or customers to promote upselling and cross-selling.

Brand Monitoring Tools

Keep an eye on what is the word on the street about your brand or services. Identify positive and negative content and strategize your content marketing by controlling brand mentions.

Campaign Automation Platforms

Automate deployment of your marketing campaigns and save the hassle of generating reports and analysing the data with AI based tools doing it for you.

Reporting and Analytics Tools

Allocate budgets to marketing strategies, track your spending and check return on investment in marketing.


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