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Virtualized Services Directory (VSD) is a module of the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) for cloud network deployment. It serves as a policy, business logic & analytics engine for the abstract definition of network services, primarily used in telecom network infrastructure.

Challenges Faced

This platform is a behemoth, having over 200 network entities like domains, gateways, ports, VLANs, subnets, etc. Most of these entities are interconnected in a highly complex hierarchical structure. Mapping the data for the stats creation also led to higher resource consumption from the system. This was handled by using advanced algorithms.

This means that displaying all of this information and their relationships in an intuitive, understandable manner was a daunting goal. This goal was made more challenging by the fact that the preexisting Cappuccino based UI framework that Nuage had was simply too slow, buggy and underperforming in several ways.

Goals of the Project

The Goal was to implement the Nuage Networks offering of an engaging UI for their VSD platform where network administrators can log in to view, configure, edit and monitor their various network components.

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20 Petabytes

of data being processed for enhanced customer insights

$1.4 Trillion

Value of Telecom Services Market


Improvement in decision making ability with better data analytics.

The telecommunication services market, which includes fixed-network services and mobile services, had a value of around $1.4 trillion in 2017, and is forecast to grow to almost $1.46 trillion in size by 2020. The biggest markets for telecom services are the Asia/Pacific region, Europe and North America.


What is different in Nokia?

We transformed the Cappuccino framework into a fully ReactJS and Node.js based JavaScript framework. It serves graphs using D3 and regular builds are generated using Webpack.

Simplified Operations

Bring up services using automated, policy-based instantiation of network connectivity.

Support Massive Scalability

Benefit from a distributed, policy-based approach that allows multiple virtualization platforms to interoperate over a single network.

Support Hybrid Models

Optimize the datacenter network by separating service definitions from service instantiation.

Address Changing Business Requirements

Detecting newly created and updated virtual machines and responding automatically by adapting network services.

Limit Potential Errors

Define network service requirements in clear, IT-friendly language for universal comprehension.

Real Time Solution Elasticsearch

It is at the core of all the non-VSD queries to provide real time responses.

Project Priorities & Solutions

The main requirement in the project was to take the existing Cappuccino and Objective-J based framework Nuage had. This had to be transformed into a performance-oriented, scalable, and maintainable React-Redux application. We had to keep in mind the very complex UI of the application on account of deeply interconnected network entities. These entities had to be made actionable on the app UI, all of which have a lot of dynamic data.

We also had to make D3 charts to dynamically visualize the entity hierarchies and relationships. Our top mandate was to achieve a faster response. Along with that, the project demanded a catchy User Design and smooth User Experience. Draggability, Resizability of the graphs along with filters was one of the top priorities we needed to achieve. Automatic data refresh which increased User Experience was a task we added as our responsibility towards system quality.

High Level

Architecture Diagram


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