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Enterprise Mobility

Gain from the unbeatable blend of advantage offered by Successive – cutting edge tech expertise, deep understanding of untethered business processes, and our ability to let you scale beyond your aspirations. We can be your preferred tech solutions partner for rolling out strategic Custom Mobile App Development transformation initiatives.

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Smartfarms intends to organize the unorganized agricultural sector by creating a smart technology- enabled process driven ecosystem, which is convenient and sustainable for the farmer.

Enterprise App Development

Get a robust, scalable, and secure enterprise application to power up your organizational goals. Stay relevant in the age of the modern day connected and deeply aware customer. Eliminate siloed application development lifecycle with an agile development methodology geared for massive success.

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Powerful, process-oriented enterprise app development - now made simpler with Successive.

CRM / ERP / ECM / ETL Solutions

Embrace automation, get more insights from customer data, streamline operations for maximum efficiency – this is the trifecta of benefits on offer when you opt for these solutions using Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365 CRM, MS NAV, MS AX and SAP. Right from migration, and readiness assessment, deployment and maintenance, we can do it all.

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Project Management and Accounting on MS Dynamics AX

We identified the existing challenges within the organisation of our client and implemented new workflows to enhance their ERP on MS Dynamics AX.

DevOps and Cloud Services

Give momentum to digital transformation with our competencies in DevOps and Cloud Services. With agile methodology at our operational core, we enable the dual advantages of cost efficiency with precision-based, faster time to market for tech products.

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Global Media Agency - DevOps

For world's 2nd largest Media Agency, Successive engineers setup and manage the entire devops pipeline with continuous integration, delivery, integration testing, load balancing, monitoring and logging.

Application Security and DevSecOps

Build a ‘security-first’ app development mindset across the production, development, and testing teams with our skills on DevSecOps. We help you roll out a company-wide culture that makes every team member responsible for security and compliance at all times.

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Global Media Agency

We designed a Multi Tenant App for the world's second largest media agency with DevSecOps integrated from the beginning.

UI/UX Design

Keep data drive user experience at the core of your digital products. Successive’s award-winning team of designers are just what you need to create an indelible brand impression in the minds of your target audience.

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Market Survey Builder

For our clients, we designed a ticketing system and an intuitive market survey tool that allows marketers to build and deploy surveys quickly without any hassle.

Digital Marketing

Strengthen your brand position with robust Inbound Marketing solutions. We deliver premium services aligned to your KPIs to help you accomplish business objectives and grow sustainably.

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Uplift Your Brand Using Chatbots

A chatbot is a program, powered by rules and AI, which simulates a real interaction with users via a chat interface. In other words, a chatbot is a service that can have a conversation with you just like a real person.

Quality Assurance

Mitigate risks and enhance overall user experience with rigorous Quality Assurance undertaken by our team. Re-imagine product development with new age and innovation-led QA testing services that unlocks business value and help your business succeed.

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Global Media Agency - QA Automation

We worked on an end-to-end testing process that runs simultaneously with the development sprints in AGILE model to reduce the time lost in reporting and fixing bugs. Our engineers used a mix of manual and automation testing techniques to ensure quality in usability.

Emerging Tech

Leverage flexible and powerful emerging technologies like Voice Search, Alexa Skills, Blockchain, Chatbots, AI, ML and NLP to build a differentiating position in the market. Our strong domain expertise gives you a first mover advantage and a much-needed competitive edge.

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