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Telecommunication Domain

Amplify Customer Experience and Reduce Operational Costs

Introduce reliable suites of telecom software solutions to expand your telecom infrastructure and network to achieve your operational objectives. In an industry where legacy business models and government regulations can no longer guarantee revenue growth, telecom service providers must address intense competition by advancing rapid digital innovation while reducing their traditional IT operating costs.

This calls for expertise in business communication, customer support, and workflow automation. Successive’s end-to-end solutions framework is a comprehensive approach to increase efficiency, drive cost reductions and improve your time to market capabilities.

Connecting The World

Stats in the Telecommunication Industry

With a global evaluation of almost 1.46 trillion U.S. dollars, the Telecom Industry is expected to grow bigger in size by 2020.

Telecommunication Domain

Successive Expertise in Telecom Industry

With extensive expertise in the implementation of sustainable technologies, such as Big data, IoT, AI, Data Visaulization, etc, we can equip Telecom Innovators at the threshold of unbridled growth propelled by industry-leading Telecom Software Development Solutions.

Network Resource Management

Achieve ultra-lean legacy network management with new software-driven Telecom Services. Our expertise on multilayered systems deliver robust, flexible, and user-friendly functions with component-based Network Management System.

Custom Application Development

We develop software-defined architectures including performance management features to provide premium solutions for both the on-site and cloud-based IT infrastructure. Our dedicated development teams ensure the entire system and their separate services work flawlessly to deliver smooth digital experiences to telecom users.

Telecom Infrastructure Supervision

Be a part of industrywide infrastructure consortiums and transform your data centers into software implementation infrastructure to provide cloud-native containerized business functions and also move network function workloads onto a virtualized or containerized infrastructure.

Data-Driven Insights and Growth Reporting

We have a proven track record in designing and implementing advanced reporting and visualization mechanisms to aggregate real-time data from multiple sources into a single, quick and safe database. Our competency in devising custom reports and predictive analytics systems helps telcos to evaluate campaign effectiveness, predict churn and gain strategic user insights for further improvements.

Digitization in Customer Support

With features like self ticketing systems, telecom companies expect to resolve 75% of the calls using self-service based on the current ML knowledge-base and the remaining 15% with real-time chat. Our focus on deeper penetration of mobility helps automate business processes in the telecom industry and optimize resources.

Customer Experience Management System

Increase customer value with advanced analytics using tailor-made enterprise management systems and other loyalty program tools that integrate subscribers into the system allowing you to create tailored offers, promotions, and deliver curated information on services and products to engage with them in real-time.


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