TiO Homes

Short for “Turn it On”, TiO is the only smart home system designed with users in mind. TiO creates hardware and software products that allow for wireless control of a home through various mediums: a single app on a homeowner’s phone or tablet, wall touch switches, and voice control.

TiO Homes

Challenges We Conquered

The TiO smartphone and tablet app provides a user interface for their home automation system. Tablet was a primary component in the system for operation and setup. A user of this system can control different physical systems of a house lke lights, music, temperature etc. Our challenge was to implement the iOS and Android designs in such a manner that the UX remains very close to the physical nature of these components in order for the app to be intuitive.

TiO provides an easy, intuitive control ecosystem that delivers a set of features usually reserved for higher-priced and more complex home automation systems. TiO is the first fully-featured solution to leverage the power of Android, the most popular mobile platform in the world. We believe that embracing tablets and smartphones for a home automation system will help us deliver a solution that adapts to you and doesn’t ask you to adapt to it.

Working out the details

Features of TiO Home Automation System

Our aim was to design an app that can be used even by children. The buttons were kept very close to the physical structure of switches. We followed Fitt’s law and optimised the placement of action elements for single-thumb usage.

Control Temperature

Control all the air-conditioning systems of your home from your phone or tablet.

Control Lights

Control the lights of all rooms of your home with the help of your phone or tablet.

Control Music

Control the music setting in your rooms and preset music schedules for different time of the day.

Preset Moods

Save custom music, light and temperature settings for different scenarios like dinner, party, etc.

Single Device For All

With the TiO app that integrates with the automation system, you can have the entire control of your house on one device.

Intuitive User Experience

The look and experience of the app allow easy user adaptation and offer a seamless experience for anyone using it.

Proposed Solution

Our experienced UX design team designed all the components of the TiO app to mirror physical control systems like light switches, temperature controller and music systems.


TiO allows homeowners to create custom, repeatable experiences no matter when or what the occasion is. Owners can customize the climate, lighting, music and more and recreate it any time. The only limitation is the imagination.

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TiO’s hassle-free home automation system is the ultimate solution for home automation systems. With 87% of people who already have smart home products saying their day-to-day life is easier with smart technology, it’s no surprise that the number of automated homes continues to rise.

Transformation with Design

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