UI/UX Design

An award-winning team of User Experience experts to curate the perfect experience for your customers.

New Product UI and UX Design

Keep your users at the focus of your design process from the start. Our UX design practices will make sure that your product is a perfect fit for your audience before its release, so that it is well received by your target market.

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If you have an idea for an app or software and you are looking for someone to bring your idea to life, Successive Tech can help you. We take complete responsibility for the UI design part, from market research to user acceptance testing.
We employ a heuristic process to design meaningful user interface for all digital platforms. We help our clientele attain complete attention of target customers with an engaging UI and better usability approach.

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Existing Product Revamp

Upgrade your existing product’s look and feel to keep up with the changing digital trends. Good design and UX are the founding stones for any digital product. At Successive, we take cognizance of this universal fact and leverage our product revamp capabilities to make your product relevant to today and the future.

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The revolutionary pace at which technology is changing has disrupted the software and mobile app markets. There are hundreds of players in any given domain. To stand strong in the highly competitive market, products need to be updated every few months.
Successive Technologies has a carefully crafted UX design process that makes sure that your app doesn’t lose its identity in a redesign sprint. We carefully identify pain points in an app and give your product a new look and feel while keeping it close to the original design that your users are ore habitual to using.

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UI / UX Engineering Process at Successive

User Stories and Personas

We help our clientele attain complete attention of target customers with an engaging UI and better usability approach.

Scenario Mapping

In this step, it becomes clear that the context of the product will be used, This helps the product to align better with the real-world expectations.

User Flow Creation

This helps in hashing out even more complex flows and in optimizing user experience.

Wireframing and Prototyping

We provide your client/product owner the designs for review and approval. After this, we build a clickable prototype based on the selected design.

Interface Designing

We craft products using cognitive sciences so that they are user-friendly and aesthetic for driving return visits.

User Testing and Analysis

We make sure that the testing and analysis process is robust and it delivers the end product in high quality.


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