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About Xamarians

What Do We Bring To The Table?

Xamarians is a cross-platform application development company that provides end to end development and maintenance services for its clients and believes in a quality-first approach.

We have been working on Xamarin since early 2015. We aim to deliver a fully native experience in Xamarin in order to get you native performance, complete API access on all platforms along with a native UI.

Our Expertise

Services Offered from Development to Deployment

We follow the “Under one roof” strategy to provide a range of indispensable services.

Xamarin.iOS Development

We offer our clients a fully native iOS experience using Xamarin.iOS. We offer services for a range of other apps like Apple TV apps, apple watch apps. Etc.

Xamarin.Android Development

We develop fully native android apps for our clients that are fully functional and can easily be extended to multiple devices like smart TVs, wearables.

Xamarin.Forms Development

Our experts help our clients leverage the benefits of cross-platform development with native apps for iOS and android from a single shared code base.

Universal Windows Platform Development

We develop apps for a range of devices based on windows with our skills in C#, Visual Basic, C++, and HTML/JS.

Xamarin Migration and Upgradation

We leverage our knowledge of the .NET platform and years of experience developing Xamarin applications to help our clients successfully migrate their existing apps to Xamarin and help them upgrade from older versions.

Xamarin Consulting

Our experienced team offers our clients the right advice to improve app development with Xamarin by offering consulting and strategy for devops, migration, security etc.

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